Free and Spirited!

Barefoot, Natural, and Free!
I live in South Texas on the Gulf of Mexico! My hubby and I are at the beach several times per week! We love beachcombing and beach life is our beating heart! 
The Barefoot of BarefootLollyPa is how I live! Barefoot as much as possible with all the freedom that comes with that! 
Natural is my way of life and my favorite materials to create with. Natural Gemstones come straight from the earth, some polishing and their magnificent beauty comes through! My hubby and i both have nerve diseases that cause extreme pain. We use gemstones and essential oils to keep that pain at bay. You may not agree with the power of gemstones but their beauty is unmistakable! 
Free and wild is in all of us! Let go and feel the power of no pressure or stress! My jewelry exudes that Bohemian effortless freedom!I'm in love with the Boho Chic look and feel of my stack bracelets, anklets and gemstone bracelets! 
The fabulous Boho Glam vibe that exudes from my anklets, coil wrap bracelets and tassel necklaces! 

Go into the world and be, 
Barefoot, Natural and Free!

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